Sponsorship Programs

People helping people. We provide scholarship programs for working class single parents and individuals. To learn more about our scholarship program, schedule and appointment to discuss your options with a Relevant Cause representative.

Educational Material

We provide educational materials for all ages and stages. We offer our courses and educational materials in 20 different languages. We recommend you contact The Relevant Cause directly for more information about how to obtain orders or to become a distributor.

Events to Help People

Our events provide a wide array of social engagement. From ice cream socials to Golf & Galas. Get your tickets to our next event and make it a night to remember. Join in the fun, help people and change lives forever.

Savings Plan for Donors

We will match your donation dollar for dollar. All we ask is that you become a regular. For each consecutive month of donation, register to win a complimentary guest speaker delivered to your next company function. To learn more about our savings plan for donors, click this link.

Take Your Company's Contributions to the Next Level

Tell your affiliates about us or consider our organization for future sponsorship. Be part of the community that helps change abuse in all forms while informing, education and changing the ways of economic violence.

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Next Steps...

Start your donations today. For easy and convenient auto-pay, contact a representative.

To request a free product and services catalog send us an email to: therelevantcause@gmail.com .

Use this same email to donate when you log into Venmo and make a donation: therelevantcause@gmail.com

Your contributions, no matter how big or small, make a huge difference!

Thank you for supporting our mission of creating emotionally intelligent communities through film, music, the arts and global entertainment.