Money Healing Sessions

With Valerie Bertrand, Founder & CEO of True Wealth Consulting


Money Healing is a unique approach to aligning your creative self with your infinitely creative self. This is the part of you that is capable of aligning to anything you need or desire. By releasing the mental, emotional and physically blocks that keep you financially conflicted and unfulfilled, you can begin to shift your financial experiences into something extremely positive. Since your current financial dynamics are an outer extension of how your life force is flowing, the only way you can experience a positive shift with money is to shift the way you are flowing your creative energy. A money healing session is designed to meet your own specific needs and help put you on a path towards financial wellness.


  • Do you chronically worry or obsess about money?
  • Do you live with debt?
  • Do money problems keep you up at night?
  • Is money a source of conflict in your relationship?
  • Are hopeful business deals consistently falling through and you don’t know why?


You may benefit from a money healing session if you answer yes to 2 or more of the previous questions.

Money is a highly unconscious energy for most people. When you are functioning from a limited mindset, internal beliefs have a way of generating financial conflicts. Your unresolved emotional feelings and mental attitudes are what create the financial conditions you are in. Money healing sessions provide a cure for your financial ailments.



Here is what some people are saying:




Money Blocks

At some point in our lives, most people are touched by the experience of being financially in pain. People who have plenty of money can feel sadness regarding money. Financial pain is a form of psychological pain that leads to biological problems if left untreated. Money healing sessions provide intuitive insight into the interior world of money, emotions and fears to help alleviate stress, worry, conflict and deprivation.

  • Are you involved in complicated financial entanglements that consume that you’re not sure how to address?
  • Do you compromise your values in order to get what you get?
  • Do you struggle with making ends meet?
  • Did you have a child betray your financial trust?
  • Do you experience a chronic limit on getting ahead and how much you make?

No matter what your financial status, no matter how much you make, how little you make or how much you are in debt, you can begin to improve the financial aspects of your life today.


Money Healing Packages

Gold Star Package

Valerie’s financial services are set up in three tiers. The Gold Star Package is the premium package. This package is replete with techniques to help heal and soothe and awaken all areas of your life. Since abundance is not just limited to money, this packages offers and in-depth three month journey into an overall state of abundance. Each week offers special healing modalities designed to personally move you through the healing process. These techniques are highly personal and based on where you are individually at in your life today.

This package really focuses on all four levels of healing; the physical, mental, emotional and financial, which is why it includes a personal on-site feng shui consultation in conjunction with weekly healing sessions. The value in this is to support the inner changes by positively realigning the external energy to maximize support. During these months you will also receive supplemental information and tools to assist you in journeying through your mental, emotional and financial limitations.

This is the most deluxe package offered and for the amount of services, it is the best value for those who really wish to go deep to heal their deeply conflicted emotions surrounding money and receiving. Clients often report immediate feelings of relief and release from the constriction of financial issues. Most people notice a sense of financial peace beginning to take place right away. Others feel their relief coming from the letting go of old financial hurts which lead to increased feelings of self worth. We forget how much our identity is ties into our financial experiences. When we can break away from the pain and begin to see the experiences more objectively, we begin to heal. Healing is effortless. It comes from the head and heart reconnecting to the truth. This is deep work. This is the best package for people who really want to devote their healing energy towards resolving financial conflicts at their core. Package includes…


  • Weekly consultations (some sessions take place via the phone due to scheduling)
  • Personal on-site feng shui consultation to increase the energy of abundance, vitality, health and harmony within your environment.
  • Unique and individualized resources to assist you in attaining your overall vision, project or goals.
  • 3 months of intuitive support, creative development and continual fun, self motivating techniques to assist you in identifying money patterns and resolving financial problems.
  • Regular healing sessions that increase overall sense of abundance and well-being.


Cost: $2995 for 3 months



Silver Package

The next tier is the 8 week series. This package consists of 6 healing sessions including the initial consultation. This is most recommended for people who have been experiencing chronic financial problems for over a year or more. In this 8 week process, you will begin to really grasp how the flow of your creative energy is mimicked in your financial energy. You will be given many tools as to how to effectively move tap into a more creative and authentic source of energy from within that is more responsible for more rewarding forms of material wealth. Most people report an immediate sense of peace and clarity. This series is the most recommended for the average person who wishes to break free of underearning, debt, self sabotage and or chronic feelings of lack. It also benefits people who are already financially successful yet wish to increase their ceiling limit on their earning potential, resolve emotional conflicts related to lawsuits and financial turbulence within a family or partnership or simply to improve their overall sense of financial health. Benefits include…


  • Breaking free of perceived limitations
  • Uncovering the emotional conflicts that are keeping you in underearning roles, financial debt and or limited earning capacity
  • Effectively managing relationships conflicted by financial difficulties
  • Increasing overall sense of abundance
  • Tapping into the creative source that is responsible for manifesting all forms of abundance, especially money.

Cost: $ 895 for 8 weeks




Individual Consultations

Individual consultations are designed to give you quick insight into a pressing situation. These singular sessions are perfect for those who wish to gain immediate insight into a particular question or problem. They are intuitive based and extend beyond money and finances. The focus can be on any area of life including partnership, dating and romance, money, career, family and much more.  Each session is highly individualized and available by phone or in person.


An individual consultation will assist you in…

  • Understanding your financial patterns and the relationship you have with money
  • Preventing financial loss
  • Regaining a strong sense of self after financial loss
  • Identifying and begin to heal unresolved conflicts that are holding you back
  • Resourcefully tapping into your own creativity and passion
  • Reconnecting with happiness, joy and peace of mind
  • Giving you solid insight into particular issues or areas of limitation
  • Discovering the true source of conflict expressing itself as financial problems
  • Increasing abundance and financial freedom
  • Solving problems through methodical yet intuitive approach



Cost: $245



True Wealth Meditation Classes

Valerie offers a True Wealth Mediation Class on a regular basis that is offered by a love-offering donation. Each meditation is an opportunity to connect with others and contemplate the interior aspects of your life as it pertains to abundance wellness. The meditations will have a different theme along with an intuitive teaching that guide you into the guided experience that are intended to expand your sense of abundance in all areas of your life. All are welcome to participate. On occasion mini intuitive readings will be offered for a minimal fee after the meditation for those who are interested.


Cost: $ Love Offering

(This means, you choose the amount based on what feels right in your heart)


Signs of Financial Wellness

  • Do you have more money than you know what to do with yet experience lack in other areas such as love, connection or joy?
  • Do you have plenty of money yet fear enjoying it?
  • Have you ever been a target for economic abuse?
  • Have you ever suffered from a major financial loss?
  • Do you chronically fear being taken advantage of by others?

All of your financial experiences add up. Either you are having positive experiences that are satisfying and fruitful, or you might feel taken advantage of, overworked or don’t know how to enjoy your wealth. Money healing sessions can help. No matter what your imbalance is with money, we will uncover it.

Upon experiencing anyone of the chosen services you will begin to see signs of financial wellness begin to take shape that include…


  • Paying bills on time
  • Improved relationships, less financial tension
  • Really buying and living with what you want
  • Eliminating excessive spending
  • Having more than enough money and means to follow your passion and creativity
  • Sense of power from within rather than from external sources
  • Financial and emotional clarity
  • The ability to make solid financial decisions
  • Improved physical health
  • Consistent follow through
  • Trusting of your intuition
  • Increased sense of financial intuition
  • Ability to give and receive fully without fear or control
  • Clearer understanding of what money is and isn’t
  • The ability to influence the energy of money and prosperity in your life


The Future of Money Healing

Money can be a source of joy when we learn what it is, who we are in relationship to it, what we want and how to authentically generate it from a place of love and understanding.

There is nothing more exciting than manifesting your dreams. This is because manifesting is really a process of connecting to your own truth. Conscious manifesting takes the entire process even deeper. Consciously improving the health of your finances improves all aspects of your life. Consciously pursuing a deeper understanding of money is a spiritual process that leads to a greater sense of self discovery and personal growth.

We are in an era of healing our relationship to money. We are consciously learning how to address money more mindfully. There is still much territory left unexplored in the realm of money and emotions. Neuro-economical concepts are included as a portion of this work. However, resolving the emotional components surrounding money is what leads us to true healing.

The need for money healing increases the more money is misused and has been a form of mistreatment. When we experience financially traumatic experiences such as unexpectedly getting fired, betrayal, and or deceit, we live with this pain in the form of financial dysfunction until we integrate the overall experience into wisdom. This work facilitates the mental and emotional connection which leads to all forms of money healing. Put yourself on a path to financial wholeness today by scheduling your session today.


** Corporate and Group Packages Available **



About Valerie Bertrand

Valerie Bertrand is the Founder & CEO of True Wealth Consulting and Money Healing Sessions. She is a pioneer in the world of money, health and emotions. Her knowledge and expertise assists people of all economic status by helping them identify and release the true source of conflict that is responsible for debt, deprecation and financial disharmony. Her money healing sessions are highly effective and exceptionally unique. Her ability to sense energy, intuit emotional and mental conflicts and detect financial misalignment is what makes her sessions so effective, transformative and life altering.

She has authored 40 books available through Mountain Lotus Publications and is currently available for lectures and presentations. She has over 25 years professional experience in the health and wellness industry. Her area of expertise have included reflexology, health and nutrition, rehabilitation, osteopathy, yoga, eastern philosophy, Vastu, feng Shui, interior design, financial wellness, intuitive analysis with a strong background in psychology.

Her work began to evolve into financial health over a decade ago when she realized people are financially suffering and there is very little to support for financial healing. Financial losses are stressful and emotionally equivalent to the loss of life. She realized the quality of our relationship to money influences our psychological health. This is because money is so closely interconnected with our life force; which is why anyone can benefit from a money healing session.

Chronic money problems undermine the quality of life. Money healing is about regaining the quality of creativity, exchange and deep emotional health. Schedule a money healing session today and see what just one session can do for you.


Disclaimer: Please note that all work is intended for mentally and emotionally sound individuals. It is not intended to replace the care of a licensed mental health care provider or medical doctor. This is a natural wellness healing modality that is to be used at your own discretion. This approach is an individual choice and is not intended for everyone. Although the highest quality of standards and integrity are upheld, no person, place or establishment is responsible for individual choices made. The client is responsible for upholding responsible and reasonable action in caring for their own lives.


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