Questions to Open Creative Flow

The following list of questions are designed to assist in defining where your money blocks are. Please copy and paste your answers and email to: balancewealth(at) before you schedule your appointment. All cancellations are subject to a service fee. Please arrive on-time for your appointment to ensure maximum productivity.


Question: When you think of abundance, what are the first qualities that come to mind that your heart immediately wishes it had?

Sample Answer: I think about having connections to people, fulfilling relationships and having the time and money to freely spend time with those friends and family members. I think about world travel..exploring new cultures, going to other countries to take classes; being healthy..being able to buy organic, nutritious food all the time. I imagine being able to help my parents as they get older and either move back home and/or have a second home there for the summer and anytime I'd like to spend time there.

Question: What time of your life would you consider to have been the most abundant, and in what ways? How was life comfortable? Then what happened?

Sample Answer: I'm not sure if at the time I felt this way but looking back, the time I was a peace corps volunteer living in another country and felt it was an abundant time even though I wasn't earning a whole lot. I was free from any debt and had the freedom to travel and it seemed like my life to create was ahead of me.

Question: What cycle within abundance would you say you are in now, in other words, what are the resources in your life today that are most flowing and in bountiful amounts?

Sample Answer: Although I have good friends and a wonderful family I feel so many things are a struggle, living paycheck to paycheck, going in circles with my relationship. I don't feel abundance is happening although I'm fairly hopeful that it will turn around.

Question: What limitations are you experiencing, that if you could correct, would allow for more creative freedom?

Sample Answer: Perhaps I have limited focus and decisiveness..

Question: What are your creative urges today?

Sample Answer: I'm interested in being more involved in yoga/fitness, better nutrition, feng shui-ing my life..having a flower garden.

Question: If you had more monetary means, and or financial security, what would you feel more comfortable expressing creatively?

Sample Answer: One thing I'd do.. I would take the class I've been looking at through.  It's all about bring yoga to schools and bringing in programs for both the kids and teachers.

Question: If you had an extra $20,000, free and clear, what would you do with it?

Sample Answer: I'd pay all my immediate bills like my car and make some payments towards other debts, buy my plane ticket (& for Billy if he decides to go with me) to Wisconsin so I may spend the month of July back home ...however, I'd use most of it to create more abundance with my business endeavors.

Question: If you had to come up with a quick $20,000, what would you do?

Sample Answer: How quick? Not really sure... borrowing it may be an option but it would be difficult to ask someone. The only person I know who may even have it is an ex-boyfriend...

If I had a year to come up with it, I'd move to Saudi Arabia and teach for a year to save it.

Question: Have your boyfriends/girlfriends or close friends ever asked you for money?

 Sample Answer: A boyfriend from the distant past borrowed money from me and that was the start of my financial breakdowns.

Question: How did you respond if the previous question was true?

Sample Answer: I put it on a credit card for him and believed him that he could easily pay me back. I found out later that he lied about a lot of things and I never got it back.

Question: What expectations do you feel financially?

Sample Answer: I feel like I can create the financial abundance that I am desiring. I know that it is totally possible.

Question: What limitations do you encounter when you attempt to get ahead?

Sample Answer: In my mind, I feel like I don't have enough time to do all that I want...I don't focus enough on money-making activities...I get side-tracked. I am too busy doing my jobs to work on what I really want to do.. My boyfriend demands some of my time..

Question: What is your greatest source of security in life?

Sample Answer: My boyfriend and my parents... also, my brother & his family are there if I needed them.

Question: When your survival is threatened, who or what do you reach to?

Sample Answer: I turn to my family for support. They are there for me, but I wish I could do more for them in return.

Question: Have you ever experienced a major financial trauma before?

Sample Answer: Nothing so major, however, I have always felt like there was some lack..except perhaps in college when life seemed easier...getting work was easier and I could get help from student loans, and the idea that I'd be making more when I get a "real" job. Even when I had a real job for many years, and I had my own apartment and car, etc...I was still always living paycheck to paycheck..

Question: If so, what were the impacting circumstances?

Sample Answer: I don't know.

Question: How do you feel this experience impacted you?


Question: What did you notice changed after the fact?


Question: What emotions were involved  most; fear, anger, guilt, sorrow?


Question: How did you recover?


Question: How do you feel today about your security?

Sample Answer: I feel a little scared for the future on one hand but part of me feels like it will all be ok...although the older I get the more insecure I feel.

Question: How does it feel to be in a close intimate relationship with another?

Sample Answer: It feels somewhat safe but not totally. I don't feel totally "in" the relationship all the time because we've had so many rocky times..and then good times. Up and down..up and down. I feel like I can't totally be in.. maybe because I feel I can't do all that I want to do and be with him. We aren't on the same page with a few things..


Question: How does it feel to be in a close, intimate relationship with another financially?

Sample Answer: It feels ok in that we are helping each other out. However, I feel vulnerable...I'd rather not rely on him because of how I feel at times as mentioned above.

Question: What needs are met?


Question: What needs are threatened?


Question: Have you ever been abandoned financially?

Sample Answer: no

Question: How easy for you is it to set financial boundaries?


Question: Are you good at making decisions with your money that support your authentic needs and ambitions?


Question: What would you like to receive financially from your partner? In other words, what would it look like if you were getting your emotional and financial needs met from your partner?

 Sample Answer: I'm not sure how to answer this.

Question: How do you see your emotional fulfillment in your personal connection correlating to the same emotional frequency you have pertaining to your money fulfillment?


Question: If your partner gets too close for comfort, what part of you do you feel he/she threatens?


Question: What creative aspects of you get lost when you are in connection with another?


Question: What creative aspects of you are enhanced while in relationship with another?


Question: If you could speak easy and your creativity would flow freely, what would this look like? Describe in whatever brevity or detail you feel.