The Relevant Cause uses film, media, music and art as a medium for support for both community and global growth.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to exist in all countries around the world; to help parents lovingly raise their children; to guide and protect individuals from ignorance; to enhance emotional intelligence and to create films and events that encompass a cause through the medium of pictures, events, art and music.

What are your necessary needs and objectives ?

We would like support from each business, or individual, in every country, state, city or region, to contribute a donation, large or small, and however often, to our cause of raising emotional intelligence through emotional, mental, physical and economical non-violence. We do this by promoting love and strength through solidarity and self confidence. Please visit our donor page to learn more about our global community of involvement.

Do you have volunteer services?

We do have a quality group of volunteers who help organize, coordinate, collect, teach and represent the foundational approach to our organization. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please email us with your information. Please include your desired skillset you wish to contribute, how many years you have been involved in that type of work, what your philosophy is regarding financial consciousness and how you would like to better serve our local, national and global communities as a volunteer representative.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you. Please send all inquiries to: .