• The organization evolved as a result of putting an unorganized event together for a film project. During this time of plotting and planning, The Relevant Cause came into being.
  • The Relevant Cause is an affiliate to (SRO) Speakers Resource Organization.
  • We specialize in issues regarding poverty, economic abuse , true wealth and living with passion and purpose.
  • Our parent organization, Speakers Resource Organization, is over six years old. In 2017 we added "The Relevant Cause" to house our Movies & Music concepts.
  • Our mission is to inspire people to develop and evolve their talents and to share them for a financial return.
  • Our donations go to funding specific educational projects as well as contributions to those in need. We offer scholarship programs and offer donor incentives and contribution matching.
  • So far to-date we have helped hundreds of people realize their worth, face their addictions, get in touch with their unmet needs and live with a stronger sense of self-worth.
  • Our vision for 2018 is to really make an impact on our community and eventually the world. Become a sponsor for our University Tour.


Because all living things have needs...

Things to Keep In Mind

  • Not all unmet needs come from a form of abuse. Some unmet needs come from undeveloped skills.
  • Dealing with any form of unmet need has a crippling effect. Learn what needs you have suffered from not having met.
  • If you have yet to find a way of getting our healthy needs met, give our organization a call to learn new ways of communicating and better skills navigating.
  • If you suspect the reason why your needs are unmet is due to abuse or unfair treatment, click on the links below for more information.

Domestic Violence and Economic Abuse NCADV

Economic Abuse According to Wikipedia

True Wealth Consulting


Inner Wealth for Outer Success Principles

1) Make up your own mind.

2) Look beyond the negative messages and criticisms.

3) See the truth of what is confronting you and take control of your life.

4) When you feel strong and powerful you are able to come front people that criticize, diffuse or minimize you in anyway.

5) Have respect for all that you are.

6) Recognize skills, attributes, talents and passions.

7) Be kind and honest and believe in a good life.

8) Appreciate your body and how it feels to be alive. Treat yourself well, pray for strength and have compassion.

9) Know that you are worthwhile individual no matter who you encounter that might disagree.

10) Let all negative occurrences roll off your back and go back to being your great self before the intimidation of others tried to stop you.


The Relevant Cause

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