Our Approach

To educate and support individuals of the importance of conscious exchange, creativity and capitalism. We go into impoverished communities and teach single moms, families, young adults and men, life skills to enhance knowledge and how to take creative action. We provide educational materials to help aid in the fruition of life and financial advancement.

Our Story

We have helped hundreds of families find security, overcome impoverished conditions, assist in the development of emotional intelligence and overcome low self-worth in economically abusive conditions.

If you're not giving, you're not living.

Who You Are


Make a contribution by being part of the change you want to see. Stand up for somebody who is being abused or show people they are valued.

The Time You Give


Make a difference by making a contribution of your time. A day or two a month of volunteering has the power to make an impact.

The Contribution You Make


Get involved by making your contribution. A small monthly donation can change the lives of millions.

Next Steps...

Help the underprivileged power through to their dreams, with or without money. Call today to get involved in our community of creating wealth by organizing intelligence amidst poverty.

Sign up for your Venmo account and participate regularly, especially on Giving Tuesday. Just click the "call to action" link and enter the account: therelevantcause@gmail.com and become part of our global community.