All desires begin with a wish. The effects of strong desire with positivity leads to great hope. If you are not clear about the deeper underpinnings of your desire or goal, the wish will be there but not the organized fuel. In order for a wish to come to fruition is must have an organized power behind that goal. Our mission is to assist you in navigating your inner self so you know which way to direct your focus.

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The psychological effects of chronically hoping for something without a plan can lead to magical thinking and health problems. Assisting in the deeper understanding of why you want what you want and break down the action steps that have to occur before you can have it is part of our plan of action. You don't have to live with constant hope. Our goal is to get you to live with having it.

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Waiting is nothing more than time passed for an objective or goal. For whatever reason your dream or vision didn't come to fruition. Now you are left working with left over conditions. Lack of clarity is the number one reason why people live with what they are missing. Our mission is to re-educate individuals who feel they can't make it and restore faith again. We know fulfillment is right around the corner and our objective is helping you to fulfill this.

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Relief Is Within Reach

Our organization is devoted to assisting the underprivileged in solving their real, underlying issues that lead to financial problems.

Preventing poverty and economic violence begins with solving the real problem. People who struggle think it is money. The real problem is not enough knowledge.

We are known for assisting the underprivileged in navigating their challenges in such a way that brings about a more secure future just by learning how to navigate problems internally.

We are known for getting people out of poverty, not through handouts but for personal training. We use donations for economic education.

For far too long, their has been unfairness within the financial systems which has led people to feeling even more out of control. We deal with what is most relevant in their lives relief to suffering and cause one to feel less insecure.

Since I believe financial power comes from knowledge, my passion is for training people to know their inner wealth. True Wealth comes from the inner wealth for outer success. Each and every program or educational materials leads to this.

Valerie Bertrand

Director & True Wealth Consultant